Royal Holloway College Savoy Opera Society 1971 - 1983

Royal Holloway College

I was a member of the Savoy Opera Society (or SOS) at Royal Holloway College
between 1971 and 1982,
and was in the chorus for the following performances:

Grand Duke 1975
TheGondoliers 1976
HMS Pinafore 1977
Ruddigore 1978
The Yeomen of the Guard 1979
Iolanthe 1980
The Mikado 1981
Patience 1982

as well as helping with scenery for The Sorcerer 1972

In those days, performances were held in the Picture Gallery on a
temporary stage,assembled for the show and packed away afterwards.

Here are some links to photos and scans of the programmes for some of these shows.
I would be interested in any other photos and programmes from the period, which I might add to this gallery.

The Sorcerer 1972

The Grand Duke 1975
The Gondoliers 1976
H.M.S Pinafore 1977

Patience 1982
Press Cutting
H.M.S.Pinafore 1983


The society is still going strong, and I recently saw the excellent 2008 performance of The Mikado.

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